Since the emergence of the Oil & Gas Industry, The Team has applied a proven successful, multi-faceted approach to finding oil and gas. 


To Consolidate Conventional Oil Reserves while the Industry remains focused on Unconventional Plays

The Principals of the Company share a common vision that significant conventional oil reserves remain underexploited within aging fields in the East Texas and Gulf Coast regions.  Applying modern technology to these industry “cold” assets provides opportunities.

Compadre’s  Strategy  as a “first mover” in this space is to capitalize on its technical and operational competencies to exploit conventional shallow oil and bypassed pay within the East Texas and Gulf Coast areas through an acquisition/ development philosophy that allows for repeatable and scalable Company growth.

Compadre’s will become a self-sustaining oil producer that grows through consolidating production and exploiting upside potential from opportunities generated internally by the Company.

our team

Gene Ames, Jr. - Chief Advisor  Business Development             

Gene Ames, Jr. - Chief Advisor

Business Development


Dick Gessinger - President & CEO

Management and Finance              


Doug C. Nester - Senior Vice President  Project Management and Operations

Doug C. Nester - Senior Vice President

Project Management and Operations


Gene Ames III - Senior Vice President  Project Generation and New Ventures

Gene Ames III - Senior Vice President

Project Generation and New Ventures


David Clay - Petroleum Geologist  Project Generation

David Clay - Petroleum Geologist

Project Generation


Gene Ames, Jr. is a petroleum geologist and Independent Oil and Gas Producer with sixty years’ experience in the oil business. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Geology from the University of Texas.  He is a fourth generation oil man who was born in the East Texas Oil Field during the East Texas oil boom where his grandfather and father established the Gladewater Refining Company and owned working interests in over 300 oil wells.  Ames serves as Managing Partner of Compadre Energy, Ltd. more...


Mr. Gessinger brings forty-five years of experience to upstream independents as a manager and energy finance specialist. He began his career as a commercial banker with Manufacturers Hanover Trust, served as an investment banker with Bear Stearns and Co., Inc. and assumed chief financial officer responsibilities at The Meridian Resource Corporation, a NYSE listed energy exploration company.  His corporate finance experience with debt and equity capital markets and mergers and acquisitions has helped many energy companies grow and prosper throughout the industry’s volatile commodity price cycles.  Mr. Gessinger’s tenure as president and CEO of Trade Exploration and his private equity experience at GE Energy Financial Services, Inc. and Pine Brook Partners gave him a rare blend of qualifications including capital formation, capital allocation and risk management to guide Laredo Energy, as interim chief executive officer, through the recent commodity price collapse.  His excellent professional and management contacts within the energy industry and financial community underpin Compadre Energy’s competitive advantage to grow profitably as an independent focused on developing conventional East Texas oil projects.


Mr. Nester is a proven energy executive with over 30 years of global experience in the management of oil and gas operations for public and start-up Companies. Mr. Nester began his career as a geoscientist with Pennzoil, before co-founding 3DX Technologies, (3DX) a technology-based company that integrated engineering and sub-surface disciplines with the emerging use of 3D seismic data in Texas. After taking 3DX public, he joined Devon Energy (Santa Fe Energy Resources) as their Vice President of International Exploration and later served as their International E&P manager for Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. Most recently he ran Company Operations in Albania for TransAtlantic Petroleum and the redevelopment of the Country’s aging oil fields involving over 550 wells.  He also served as the Chief Operating Officer of Iraq for the Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS) and Chief Operating Officer for Prime Offshore.  His ability to lead, motivate and successfully execute complex field operations under some of Industry’s most challenging conditions makes Mr. Nester uniquely qualified to creatively find the solutions that will be required to meet Compadre’s  goals, schedules and budgets.


Mr. Gene Ames III brings thirty-five years of experience as a fifth-generation petroleum geologist and oil & gas executive.  Ames began as a generating Geologist with Sandia Oil & Gas and then spent years as Exploration & Development manager and Acquisition manager for a public E&P company called Venus Exploration. Then he was the Manager for a private Oil & Gas Producer and Investment company in San Antonio.  Soon after that, he started and managed an independent Operating and E&P and geological company.  His record of success in finding oil and gas is notable.  This successful track record includes at least two large projects; Ames mapped and identified significant upside in proved undeveloped (PUD) reserves and enabled Venus to make the acquisition of producing assets, which was immediately sold for a 40%+ IRR.  Within a few years, the buyer, Anadarko Petroleum, categorized this exploitation project as a Giant Field. Also, Ames was a key member of the Exploration team that sold multiple prospects in S.E. Texas to Samson Resources.  The subsequent discoveries resulted in multiple world-class oil and gas fields and led to unprecedented growth for the primary owner and Operator.  Additionally, Mr. Ames has originated or caused to be drilled over 20 additional new oil and/or gas fields, in various Basins throughout North America.


David Clay, a petroleum geologist, is manager of technical oil & gas development and merger & acquisition projects for Compadre Resources, LLC.  Clay has over 10 years of geological experience, including work in most Texas basins and Mid-Continent basins with his main focus in the Gulf Coast of South Texas. His background is focused in play development as well as reserve exploitation projects. Clay combines senior geological mentorship and modern geological research and technology to confirm his geological models for exploration and exploitation plays and trends.  His unique background and geological approach has allowed him to raise significant amounts of capital to drill successful exploration projects across Texas.  Clay’s modern geological understandings also gives new merit to bypassed, unproduced and upside reserves in proven developed reservoirs.  Clay received his undergrad in geology from Trinity University and his Master's from UNIVERSITY of Texas at Austin: Energy and earth Resources Program. 


DEBBIE RILEY C.P.A., IS COmptROLLER FOR Compadre REsources, LLC. HER 39 YEARS OF OIL & GAS ACCOUNTING EXPERIENCE PROVES VITAL TO All facets of compadre's Operations.  SHE IS AN EXPERT IN USING WOLFEPACK OIL & GAS SOFTWARE. She is active in the local COPAs society.